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We Offer a Broad Range of General Contracting
Services to Meet Your Needs


Our specialty is modern home construction of any shape or size. All of our homes are built with quality, craftsmanship and longevity in mind and we source materials that will stand up to what our harsh climate will throw at it.

We will be accessible throughout every phase of the building process, with an open line of communication to ensure you get what you pay for.


Renovations can bring new life into an aging home, as well as increase the value of the home if you ever choose to sell. You can't always count on the contractor who built the home doing everything right, but you can count on our team of professionals to make it right.


When the winter gives way to spring and the snow finally melts, many of us look forward reluctantly to making the necessary repairs to our decks.

We specialize in custom deck construction, whether that's repair, re-framing, re-staining, stairs and railings, or large patio-style decks.

We can create a beautiful space for you and you family to enjoy our beautiful Star Valley summers.


The siding on your house is the first barrier from the harsh, unforgiving weather outside. From traditional wood, metal, or modern engineered products, you can trust us to install that crucial barrier to bring out the unique features your home offers.


Invest in your home's security and curb appeal with our door and window installation services. Our expert team will handle everything from start to finish, ensuring that your project is completed on time and with the highest level of quality. We use only the best materials to ensure that your new doors and windows are both durable and energy-efficient.


These are the accents that make your home, YOUR home. These are the small details that you don't notice until you take the time to look. But the cohesion of the finished product is important to us.

Interior and exterior finishes are often overlooked because they are the last stage in custom home construction.

We will walk you through the design stage all the way to installation so your vision is the one you see come to life.


One of the most important structural components to your home, is your framing. "Good bones" is what your home should be built on, and professional framing will ensure that every trade that comes after us is able to get their job done in a timely and efficient manner.


Although you'll never see the framing after its covered up, this is all the more reason to have it done right so there aren't any problems in the future.


We do our very best to use materials that are green and eco-friendly.

We strive to build eco-friendly homes in Star Valley, Wyoming starting with natural light design and open concept home design.


floor joists on the star valley ranch custom home
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